1.0 Components

1.1 - The PROCESS TECHNOLOGY LTFH Series Filter Housing is designed for continuous filtering of high temperature, corrosive chemicals. The filter housing delivers superior field service life compared to typical fluoropolymer filter housings and eliminates the need to replace the housing when the element is replaced.


Construction: 100% heavy wall fluoropolymer (PTFE)

Fluid connections:

  • ¾-inch male Flaretek® fittings standard
  • ½-inch to 1-inch Flaretek® fittings available
  • ½-inch to 1-inch Super Type Pillar® or Super 300 Type Pillar® fittings available

Temperature Range: Up to 180º C (continuous)
Pressure range: Up to 40 PSI (operating)
Element: Accepts standard #222 o-ring, 10-inch SOE filter cartridge (not included)
Mounting: Top end cap mounting holes
Filter housing assembly: Filter chamber slides on from the bottom and locks into position by means of a spin-on ring assembly (Spanner
wrench supplied)


  • Reduced cost of ownership (COO): Durable, heavy wall PTFE construction lasts substantially longer than comparable thin wall PFA
  • filter housings. Eliminates the need to constantly replace the filter housing when the cartridge is replaced.
  • Easy filter element replacement: Spin-on ring assembly enables quick and easy element replacement
  • Reduced downtime (MTTR): Fast cartridge change-outs, without the need to disturb the fluid connections, reduce maintenance
  • downtime
  • Long service life: Reusable, thick wall housing is designed for extremely long life in the most demanding chemical applications.
  • Outstanding chemical compatibility: 100% fluoropolymer (PTFE) wetted parts compatible with virtually all chemistries.
  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI): Filtered chemistry extends the useful life of the bath, reducing chemical costs
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1.2 -TherMax2 Spiral Plate Inline Heat Exchangers

Features and Benefts

HIGH OVERALL HEAT TRANSFER: Enhanced turbulence with low pressure drops  Wetted surface area 5 to 6 times that of equivalent tubular designs.  Heat transfer rates 3 to 4 times that of tubular heat exchangers.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: TherMax2 Spiral Plate Inline Heat Exchangers feature a cylindrical dimpled plate design wound into a self-enclosed spiral provides extremely high thermal transfer for package size.  Patented fabrication process ensures consistent, high quality production.

ALL WELDED CONSTRUCTION:  No gaskets to fail.  TIG welding is used on the sheet edge (which separates Circuit A from Circuit B).

LOW INTERNAL VOLUME:  Maximum single circuit capacity 76 fluid ounces (2.2 liters).

COMPACT MODULAR DESIGN:  Offers easy installation and servicing.  Manifolding is simplified for larger applications.  Heat loss is low, requiring little or no insulation.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -60°F (-50°C) to 480°F (250°C)

•     Axial Circuit A: 230 PSI (1586  kPa or 16 bar)
•     Spiral Circuit B: 360 PSI (2482 kPa or 25 bar)

CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY: Chemistries compatible with 316L and silicon baffles (B circuit only).

MAXIMIZED HEAT TRANSFER SURFACE:  Dimpled sheet provides sheet spacing localized turbulence. Results in very high heat transfer rates.

APPLICATIONS: Industrial, process system, cogeneration, solar, plating, electronics, commercial & industrial washers, evaporators/condensers, chillers, heat recovery, boilers (steam and water), vapor recovery, and water heaters.
SIZES: Seven sizes from 1.1 ft2 (.10 m2) to 15 ft2 (1.4 m2).  Compact cylinders from 3” (70mm) x 6” (158mm) to 5” (120mm) x 20” (515mm).
1.3  XC Series, Inline Fluoropolymer Chemical Heat Exchangers

•  Exceptionally clean performance: Chemical heat exchanger is cleanroom assembled and tested to ensure the highest manufacturing standards.
•  Leak free operation: Integral inlet/outlet for single point fluid connections simplifies installation and greatly reduces the potential for chemical leaks.
•  Outstanding performance: Heavy wall, large diameter tubing improves circulation and minimizes pressure drop.
•  Compact size:  Less surface area required for same BTU exchange compared to most other fluoropolymer exchangers.
•  Rugged construction: Thick wall, welded construction provides extremely long service life.
•  Outstanding chemical compatibility: All tube-side parts are fluoropolymer and compatible with most chemistries for virtually unlimited process options.  Shell is available in polypropylene (standard) or PVDF construction.

Service: In-line chemical heat exchanger with all fluoropolymer wetted surfaces (tubing side) for virtually any wet chemistry application.

•  1.5 ft2 (.14m2) of exchange area
•  2.5 ft2 (.23m2) of exchange area
•  3.5 ft2 (.33m2) of exchange area

Standard Features:
•  ½-inch (12mm) heavy wall PFA tubing, .030” (.76mm) thick
•  All welded construction (shell)
•  4½-inch (114mm) diameter polypropylene shell
•  Internally baffled for enhanced heat exchanger performance
•  “U” factor (depending on flow rate): 25-50 BTU/(hr x ft2 x °F) = 142-284 J/(s x m2 x °C)
•  Shell-side drain connection

Fluid Connections:
•  Fluid (tube): ½-inch (12mm) male flare PFA
•  Shell: ¾-inch (19mm) male flare PFA
•  Shell drain: ¼-inch (6mm) male flare PFA

Maximum Pressure/Temperature:
•  Tube (PFA): 35 PSIG (241 kPa) at 120ºC (250ºF)
•  Shell (PP): 30 PSIG (206 kPa) at 82ºC (180ºF)
•  Optional shell (PVDF): 30 PSIG (206 kPa) at 135ºC (275ºF)

•  ¼-inch (6.4mm) to ¾-inch (19mm) Super Pillar 300 Type® connections
•  Custom sizes based on application
•  PVDF shell

1.4 Mini Teflon Float Sensors
Above: Mini Teflon Float Sensors - typical installation