1.0 Dionized Water Heaters

1.1 New! Next Generation  Lufran Ultra Pure Fluoropolymer DI Water Heaters
Process Technology introduces the next generation Lufran ultrapure water heater designed for the next generation high purity semiconductor and at panel display manufacturing processes. This updated Lufran water heater offers the ultimate in cleanliness for heating UPDI (ultrapure deionized water).
With thousands of heater installations worldwide, the Lufran boasts proven technology for UPDI heating applications and is suitable for the most stringent high purity speci cations. It is constructed with all PTFE and PVDF wetted parts for ultra-low particle count processes. Its patented “purged” resistive element design offers exceptional MTBF of nearly ten years and signi cantly lower maintenance costs than other ultrapure water heaters on the market.
This heater is Class 100 cleanroom assembled, certi ed to SEMI S2/S3, and optionally CE compliant.

Lufran and Lufran LT UPDI Water Heater Benefits and Features:


  • MTBF: 9.39 years. Documented, real-world “mean time between failures” of nearly 10 YEARS! Uptimes of greater than 99% can be expected.

  • Temperature: Distributive zero crossing SSR switched by PLC based DACTM “Demand Anticipation Control” (DAC available on Lufran only).

  • Temperature Sensors: “J” type thermocouple (process), “E” type (element over-temperature), or customer speci ed. Redundant safety features ensure long, trouble-free life.

  • Wetted Surfaces:
Heating elements: continuous virgin PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene (82%).
Chamber and plumbing: PVDF Polyvinylidine Fluoride (18%)
Chemraz® o-rings
No wetted metal or coated metal parts

  • Heating Element: Patented design utilizing a precision resistance wire, 15 w/in2 (2 w/cm2) watt density.

  • Element Gas Purge: Removes permeation to extend element life expectancy. Monitors integrity of element tubing.

  • Exhaust Ventilation: Not required.

Standard Features

  • DACTM “Demand Anticipation Control” (run by a PLC, available on LUFRAN only)
  • EMO circuit (local and remote)
  • Ground fault protection (GFP)
  • Fused 24 VAC control circuitry
  • Built to UL Standards, SEMI S2/S3, RoHS compliant
  • Disconnect
  • USB Data logging
  • Powder coated cabinet with sump leak detection
  • Capacitive liquid level sensor for element protection
  • Heater over temp circuit with independent limit control
  • Humidity monitor to verify element tubing integrity
  • Purge ow switch to verify element purge
  • System pressure monitor
  • Process high temperature alarm
  • PVDF mechanical pressure relief valve set @ 100 PSIG (689.5 kPa)


  • Heater: Patented resistive heating system.
  • Lufran Controller: DACTM Demand Anticipation Control) for high temperature accuracy.
  • Lufran LT Controller: PID
  • Sizes: 24kW to 312kW. Voltages: Up to 600 volt (three phase) available. Heaters can be utilized in combination. Temperature Limit: 95°C, depending on operating conditions.
  • Lufran - Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.3°C, depending on operating conditions.
  • Lufran LT - Temperature Accuracy: +/-3°C, depending on operating conditions.
  • Flow Rate: 1 LPM (.25 GPM) to 200 LPM (50 GPM).
  • Ef ciency: >99%
  • Pressure Rating: 100 PSIG (6.89 kPa) maximum operating.

  • Extended Warranty
  • Custom Remote Interface (includes standard cable)
  • CE Compliance
  • Stack Light
  • Remote Interface Cable (must be ordered separately when Custom Remote Interface is not selected) • Leak Detection

1.2 Tytan™ Electric Inline Water Heaters

Tytan™ Electric Inline Water Heaters - Product Information   Searching for the safest and most reliable inline water heater on the market? Look no further than TytanTM by Process Technology:

• Installation is fast and easy, and the TytanTM requires virtually no maintenance
• Ultra-fast heatup and superior temperature stability, regardless of application
• Titanium elements maximize cleanliness and eliminate ionic contamination
• Compact, self-contained heater and control package
• Available in sizes up to 144kW, wall-mounted up to 72kW

Other sizes available, consult factory.
IMPROVED PROCESS RESULTS: Heated DI water improves cleaning effectiveness and reduces rinse time in most processes.

COST SAVING DESIGN: >99% element efficiency contributes to low cost of ownership (COO) and excellent return on investment (ROI).

OUTSTANDING CLEANLINESS: 100% titanium heating elements provide very clean performance for precision cleaning applications.

RELIABLE, RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Simple, heavy walled element construction for trouble free operation and long life. Baffled element chambers enhance heat transfer efficiency.

OUTSTANDING TEMPERATURE RESPONSIVENESS AND STABILITY: Excellent temperature accuracy over a wide flow range can substantially improve process consistency.

FAST/EASY MAINTENANCE: Long-life element for minimal process down time. Easy to service design.

RAPID INSTALLATION: Minimal facility requirements. Heater is factory tuned to your specifications. Only power and plumbing connections required.

COMPACT CONFIGURATION: Space saving design minimizes footprint requirements. Wall mounted up to 72kW. Floor mounted 96kW and larger.

SIZES:                                                        12,000 watts to 144,000 watts

                        208 volt to 480 volt,  three phase (single phase available).  Consult factory for specific wattage/voltage combinations available

PID microprocessor based digital thermostat

TEMPERATURE LIMIT:                 
194° F (90° C), depending on operating conditions

+ / - 1° F, depending on operating conditions

PRESSURE RATING:                      
100 PSIG (operating)
                                          > 99%
WETTED SURFACES:                   
All titanium standard
1" MNPT through 72 kW
                  2" MNPT 96 kW and higher


• Grounded construction
• EMO emergency stop button
• Fluid overtemperature detection (J type thermocouple)
• Element overtemperature detection (bi-metallic snap switches)
• Control fusing (primary and secondary)
• Surge/transient protection
• FM approved overtemperature limit controller

HOUSING:             NEMA 1 rated, powder coated metal enclosure

• 12-48 kW:  28.5" (75 cm) W x 13.5"  (34 cm) D x 36.0" (91 cm) H
• 72 kW:  37.5" (95 cm) W x 13.5"   (34 cm) D x 36.0" (91 cm) H
• 96-144 kW:  28.0" (71 cm) W x 17.0"   (43 cm) D x 66.9" (170 cm) H



• CE compliance
• S2 compliance
• PLC control
• Remote interface
• Ground fault protection (GFP)
• Disconnect and circuit breaker
• Stainless steel elements and wetted parts
• Flanged/sanitary fluid connections
• RS remote communicationx