6.0 MEMS Process Tools

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6.1  Etch Stops 

Shown are (at right) Single side Polysulfone Vacuum Etch Stop for 4” wafers.  This Etch Stop features double "O" ring seal, vacuum connection.  

Shown (below) is custom Etch Stop Wafer holder & handle, single 3/4" sq x 500 micron wafer (Backside and edge protection)

•  Other sizes are available for processing 1 ea. 4” to 2 ea. 8” wafers).  
•  Also available are double sided etch stops

6.2  KOH Static Constant Temperature Bath

variety of configurations. They are engineered to reliably and efficiently heat KOH or
similar chemistries.  Operating temperatures range from sub-ambient to 185 degrees

Standard features:  

  • Teflon immersion heater with integral overtemperature thermocouple.
  • J-Type Process thermocouple (if Process Controller is ordered)
  • Liquid level sensor (if Process Controller is ordered)
  • Teflon process tank
  • Refluxor (condensing head) with cooling coils and hinged cover.
  • Process Controller with integral timer


  • Two ea. 4", 5, 6, 8 (100, 125, 150. 200 mm) cassettes
  • One ea. 4", 5, 6, 8 (100, 125, 150. 200 mm) cassette
  • Halar tank
  • Custom size (interior dimensions, size and number of cassettes).
  • Drain valve or drain adapter (connection)
  • Magnetic Stirrer, N2 Bubbler
  • Custom Covers (lift off, pass-thrus for etch stop connections), Refluxors
  • Voltage, phase.
  • Custom Process Controllers with / without timers
  • DI Make up system
6.3  KOH Filter Etch Bath (PB-f)  The ISE Filter Etch Bath is engineered to offer filtration and temperature control of virtually any chemistry from 10 to 90 degrees Celsius. +/- 1 degree C*.  

The Filter Etch Bath is ideally suited for KOH and similiar applications and will substantially increase the useful life of the chemistry.   Standard and Optional features are noted below.

*Under certain conditions +/- 0.2ºC is attainable

Process Module Features:

  • Natural Polypropylene,  Halar Construction
  • Serrated Overflow 360º inner tank (weir)        
  • Clear PVC, drop down Cover        
  • Heat exchange coil        
  • Revolutionary Flow Linearization (patent  pending) Speed Controlled, water cooled pump /Motor (1/2 hp)
  • Pre-programmed ramp to prevent de-wetting of filters
  • Manual Speed control
  • Standard 10 inch 220 filter housing (filter not  included)
  • Full One (1) Year Warranty
  • Pneumatic drain valve(s)

Capacity - Models are available to process from 1 ea. 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” or 2 ea. 4”, 5”, 6” or 8” wafer cassettes


  • Temperature Timer Process Controller
  • Temperature Controls Circulator
  • Teflon UL listed Immersion Heater
6.4 DR Series MEMS Quick Dump Rinser, Designed specifically for MEMS processes. It features a programmable cascade feature and misting spray nozzles to effectively rinse fragile MEMS devices.  MCDR-M Series.  Options include PP or PVDF construction, Rinse to Resistivity System and N2 bubbler.

The DR Series Quick Dump Rinsers and Cascades are available in a wide variety of configurations.  They are engineered to improve the quality and effectiveness of your rinse process.

Standard features:  

  • 2 ea. spray bars, 2 ea. DI water valves
  • 1 or 2 ea. dump valves (dependent on size ordered)
  • Drop away cover

  • Two ea. 4", 5, 6, 8 (100, 125, 150. 200 mm) cassettes
  • One ea. 4", 5, 6, 8 (100, 125, 150. 200 mm) cassette
Material of construction:  Polypropylene or PVDF (dependent on model ordered)

Options include:
  • Material of construction  - Wetted materials include Teflon, PVDF, and polypropylene etc.
  • Process applications include cold and hot DI rinse
  • Interior dimensions, wafer cassette capacity (size and number of cassettes)
  • Single or reclaim double door (applies to Quick Dump Rinsers only)
  • Multiple rinse stages / wells (applies to Cascades only)
  • N2 Bubbler
  • Covers (Hinged  - lift off)
  • Voltage, phase
  • Controller