1.0 - Components

ISE offers the following:
  • Process Technolgy LTFH Teflon Filter Housings (shown)
  • Fuoropolymer Heat Exchangers
  • Stainless steel  Heat Exchangers

2.0 - Controllers  

ISE offers the following:

  • PID, Membrane style Process Controllers
  • QuickDump Rinser Controllers
  • Heater Sub-Panels
  • Process Timers
  • Resistivity Monito

Also  available are custom configurations  Shown: Temperature Timer Controller
3.0 - DI Water Heaters  

Designed for the ultra pure demands of the
semiconductor & related industries, ISE offers a full line  of Process Technlogy- LUFRAN and Tytande-ionized water heaters.

ISE offers the following:

  • Lufran & next generation Lufran LT Ultra Pure Teflon DI Water Heater (shown) Standard sizes: 24 to 312 kW

  • Tytan Titanium and Stainless Steel DI Water Heater.  Standard sizes 12 to 144 kW.
4.0  - Immersion Heaters   

ISE offers the following:

  • TFB Teflon Immersion Bottom Heater (shown)
  • TFW Teflon Immersion Wall Heater
  • HX Series, Spiral Fluoropolymer (PTFE)
  • HXL Series, Spiral L-shaped Fluoropolymer (PTFE)
  • HXF Series, Low Profile Fluoropolymer (PTFE)
  • HXFL Series, Low Profile L-shaped Fluoropolymer (PTFE)
  • HXO Series, O-Shaped Fluoropolymer (PTFE)

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  • 3HXO Series, Multi Element Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Heater
  • 3HXOL Series, Multi Element L-shaped Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Heater
  • HXOL Series, O-Shaped Flex Riser Fluoropolymer (PTFE)
  • HXRL Series, Low Profile Flex Riser Fluoropolymer (PTFE)
  • HXSL Series, Flex Riser Fluoropolymer (PTFE)
5.0 InLine Chemical/Solvent Heaters 

ISE offers the following:

  • SHB and SHC Series, Inline Chemical Heaters

  • Frontier™ Series, Inline Solvent Heaters

  • TIH Series, Fluoropolymer Inline Chemical Heaters

  • H2OT™ SHOT Quartz Ultra Pure Inline Chemical Heaters

  • New! ChemHeat Inline High-Purity Chemical Heater

Heaters are available for virtually any chemistry and wet process application (including the heating of solvents!).  PROCESS TECHNOLOGY inline heaters are manufactured of fluoropolymer and high purity quartz materials.  Sizes range from 0.5 kW to up to 13.5 kW.  May be used at temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius (process and safety dependant)

 Shown:  TIH Teflon In-LineChemical/DI Water Heater
6.0 MEMS Process Tools

ISE offers the following:

  • Etch Stops 

  • KOH Static Constant Temperature Bath

  • KOH Filter Etch Bath (PB-f)

  • DR Series MEMS Quick Dump Rinser

Specifically designed Process Modules and Tools include Quick Dump Rinsers with misting spray nozzles, Etch Stops and KOH Process Baths 

Shown custom  custom Etch Stop Wafer holder & handle, single 3/4" sq x 500 micron wafer.
7.0  Process Modules 

ISE offers the following:

  • Static Constant Temperature Bath

  • Lufran / Process Technology LTFE - High

  • Temperature Filter Etch Bath

  • Filter Etch Bath (PB-f)

  • Our Quartz Static Constant Temperature Bath

  • Stainless Steel Static Constant Temperature Bath

  • DR Series Quick Dump Rinser

Are available in a wide range of sizes, capacities and materials of construction for virtually any process application. 

Shown:  Heated quartz process bath, 1 ea. 6" cassette capacity to 180 degrees Celsius
8.0 Yield Engineering Systems (YES)

YES manufactures processing equipment
to clean, cure, and coat semiconductor wafers, MEMS devices, biosensors and
medical slides.

ISE offers the following:

  • High Vacuum Ovens

  • Silane Vapor Deposition

  • Dielectric Vacuum Cure Ovens

  • Plasma Cleaning Systems

  • Plasma Strip/Descum Systems

  • HMDS Vapor Prime Ovens